I grew up in the rolling farm country of southeastern Wisconsin and finally managed my "escape" to Tucson in the year 2000. Although the summer heat took some getting used to, I immediately fell in love with the Sonoran desert, especially the mountains and the saguaros. The beauty of the desert inspired me to attempt to capture some of its mystery in drawing, painting and poetry. It is an honor to participate in this quest and a true labor of love for me.

Most recently, I have found my self-expression in watercolor painting. I have always loved and been drawn toward watercolor art but never considered that I would be able to accomplish anything with any degree of realism. What a joy to find that I was mistaken! Plus, playing with watercolor is such fun, and my love of bright colors lends itself well to the medium. A dear friend once said that I "feel" color and it's true. No matter where I encounter the beauty of color, a garden, a sunset, or even shelves full of pieces of quilting material, it surprises and resonates deep within me.

So I have set myself no small task, trying to make one's own statement or expression of God's handiwork. Hopefully, my artistic license with His creation captures the awe and joy I find there and that it blesses each person who is witness to my art.