Any of my original paintings are for sale, unless otherwise noted as ‘sold’ or ‘not available’.

Please contact me for prices.

All artwork available as:

11 x 14 print with single white mat $36.00/each*
16 x 20 print with single white mat $60.00/each*
Limited selection of other mat colors available upon request  
*Plus shipping & handling  

All artwork available as:

4¼ x 5½ note card with envelope, in clear cellophane bag
(same design)


2 card package (same design) $
4 card package (same design) $
10 card gift box with envelopes
(same design)


Ancient Canyon Ancient Canyon - # 1001
This painting is from a photograph of Antelope Canyon in Page, Arizona … Read More
Sonoran Sunset Sonoran Sunset - # 1002
While I did have a reference photo for the sunset-colored sky, the rest of the scene … Read More
Cactus Canyon Cactus Canyon - # 1003
I had a photo of the rock bluff on the right of the painting. It was along the drive to … Read More
Standing Guard - # 1004
In this painting I was experimenting with using pen & ink along with watercolor … Read More
An Old Soldier - # 1005
This saguaro rib was in the front yard of my first art teacher's house in Tucson … Read More
HoneyBee Canyon - # 1006
HoneyBee Canyon is located in Oro Valley, a northern suburb of Tucson … Read More
Light and Bark - # 1007
This is one of my favorite paintings. It is painted from a photo I took of a dead Palo Verde tree … Read More
Backyard Surprise - # 1021
These bright fuchsia cactus flowers really were a surprise! It is a miracle to me, that in … Read More

La Puerta Azul - # 1008
I painted this from a photograph a friend had taken somewhere in Tucson … Read More

Survivor - # 1009
This gnarly old tree is in Saguaro National Park, and although I love the saguaro's … Read More

Survivor & Friends - # 1010
This mesquite tree, which is done in colored pencil and ink, was along the path where … Read More

Petunia Party - # 1011
You just never know where you will find a brief respite of beauty … Read More

California Girl - # 1012
I took a photo of this hibiscus on a short trip to California, near Newport Beach … Read More

Suncatcher - # 1013
This original watercolor painting of an iris is one of my more popular prints.

Cactus Rose - # 1014
This close up of a Santa Rita prickly pear cactus and flower was quite tricky to do … Read More

Grace - # 1015
Someone brought in an iris to watercolor class one day and my art instructor took … Read More

Queen of the Road - # 1016
On a drive home from Oracle, Arizona, I saw quite a few purple irises growing … Read More

Nyla’s Iris - # 1017
Nyla is a fellow art student who had taken some pictures of the iris in her yard, … Read More

The Gathering - # 1018
This mixed media drawing of graphite, ink and colored pencil, really evolved … Read More

Flamenco ! - # 1019
This is a colored pencil drawing. The flowers and leaves are watercolor pencils … Read More

Blowin’ in the Wind - # 1020
This was a bit of an experiment, using pen & ink with colored pencil for the first time … Read More